About Us

In business since October of 2004, we are located in Coleman, Michigan and provide a DEQ compliant site for people to dispose of tires at a reasonable rate. After disposal, we utilize materials that were once considered junk into refined end products. Unlike disposing of scrap tires at a landfill where they will forever sit as an untapped resource, we use the tires to manufacture environmentally friendly products including landscaping mulch, playground cover, a variety of mats, drain field aggregate, and equestrian footing.

Our Recycling Process

Here at C M Rubber Technologies, Inc., we collect hundreds of thousands of scrap tires from dealers every year. Once at our facility, the scrap tires undergo a shredding process that grinds them into small pieces and separates the metal wire from the rubber. Once the rubber has been granulated to the correct size, it goes through additional processes that remove the remaining fibers and impurities. Our mulch and playground cover are then coated in one of our organic or designer colors which are non-toxic, non-staining, and fade-resistant. For your convenience, the finished product is available for order in either individual 50lb bags, or in a full pallet or half pallet of 50lb bags and can then be delivered directly to your home to beautify your landscape or playground for years to come.



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