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Save time and money by reducing maintenance and protecting the look of your playground with our assortment of playground mats.

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Swing Mats


​Our playground mats are manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled tires. Not only are they durable, with a 7 year warranty, but they are also certified by the ASTM for safety. These mats can be used in combination with any type of playground surfacing and will stay where placed, preventing erosion and/or disruption of loose playground cover which can quickly turn into a big maintenance project.

Erosion can create pits for standing water which can breed insects and create mud and muck that can be messy for children at play and expensive playground equipment. Disruption of loose playground cover can cause several issues including loss of safety factor, weed growth in the affected area, and fabric barriers to be brought to the surface and damaged as a result. Don’t delay: Protect your investment today by giving us a call or placing an order online!             


Spinner Pole/Spring Rider Mat Before & After



                                        Slide Mat                                                                                     Spinner Pole/Spring Rider Mat